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About EMSL Analytical, Inc.

As one of North America’s leading microbiology and materials testing providers, EMSL operates a network of laboratories across the United States and Canada that have been providing analytical services since 1981.

Currently, there are over 30 laboratories and EMSL’s corporate laboratory alone offers over 130,000 square feet of laboratory space and support services.

EMSL offers a wide array of analytical testing services to support material testing, environmental chemistry and microbiology, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and food testing applications. The laboratories are staffed with Ph.D. scientists and the industry’s leading experts who have access to a wide range of advanced instrumentation.

EMSL’s unmatched capacity, coupled with a companywide focus on customer satisfaction, makes no project too large or too small. The scientists at EMSL are committed to providing reliable, defensible data in a standardized and user-friendly format. Rapid turnaround times and competitive prices make the dependable results that much more valuable.

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